Our team has many years experience in software development and in the science equipment industry. We offer to take on projects small or large. We provide a full service: design, coding, testing, documentation and support.

Agile Design

We understand it can be hard to come up with a complete software specification so we believe the best approach is to split a project into smaller parts. The specification can then evolve as deliverables are made and you can measure progress of the project as a whole.

Test Driven Development

Testing is incorporated into our development process which means that we deliver stable and robust code. The time taken to test a project at the end is greatly reduced as testing will have already been baked in.

Regular Dialogue

In order to keep a project on track and to your expectations we will make regular software updates and discuss them with you in case any changes are required.

Weekly Cycles

The process is as follows, discuss a particular piece of work, code it, test it, deliver it, get your feedback and make any changes or fix any bugs for the next release. Weekly cycles helps to keep a project focussed on the intended specification and puts control into your hands as your can more easily monitor progress.