MPD Bailey Technology provides a wide range of software engineering services to industry. Specialist areas include PC applications, Android apps, embedded systems and firmware for micro-controllers. We provide the complete solution: firmware for your electronics, systems design and professional Windows / Android applications to accompany your product.

Microchip PIC Microcontroller


We specialise in writing the firmware for the PIC family of Microcontrollers. Applications include temperature control and measurement, motor control, LCD touch panels and communications such as RS-232 and USB.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Logo

PC Software

Embedded systems typically require a PC application to accompany them for data processing, calibration and control. We provide professional robust Windows software written in C# .Net with stylish User Interfaces.

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Android Logo

Android Apps

We write apps for both Android and iOS phones and tablets. We also create apps for low cost embedded systems running Android, such apps offer users a rich graphical and touch screen interface.

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